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Our current work in finance includes in-depth research on the role of venture capital and private equity investment in economic development. We have also tracked the effects of regulation in the financial services industry. Funding oriented activities include assisting early-stage technology teams with creating business plans and connecting private investors with promising teams in the U.S. and abroad.

Research Reports

Study of an Asian Tiger: Singapore Technopreneurship Assessment

As a result of its stability, transparency, and technical prowess, Singapore ranks #1 in the Global Competitiveness Index produced by the World Economic Forum.  In the 1990s, the government developed the T21 initiative to move the country from a skills-based economy to a knowledge-based economy.  Our team studied reactions to this initiative in the business, academic, and government sectors.  We focused on university settings, where entrepreneurial researchers and students were weighing the costs and benefits of launching new enterprises in Southeast Asia.

Case Studies

Intel Capital

What are the critical differences between a corporate VC firm and an independent VC firm? How do companies account for assets with strategic value, as opposed to purely financial value?. What is the decision-making process for corporate teams charged with acquiring, developing and harvesting portfolio companies in this context? This case explores Intel's strategy to invest in complementary technologies through its venture arm, Intel Capital.

Business Plans

STAR-P Business Plan

STAR-P solves technical challenges faced by scientists and engineers who require high performance computing capabilities, but cannot write parallel code from scratch. This software provides a layer between parallel hardware systems and applications that are not designed to run on multiprocessor systems. After winning MIT's 1K business plan competition in the software category, Interactive Supercomputing was formed and received venture capital funding in 2004.

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