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International Economics


The pace of technological change and regulatory action is increasing around the world. We are currently tracking activities in the United States and the European Union closely and will be publishing some research on specific events this year.

Outside of the developed world, major initiatives are underway through the United Nations, The World Bank and private foundations, to reduce the 'digital divide' and to help entrepreneurs in emerging markets grow their businesses. Pingry Hill consultants have worked on some of these projects and are always interested in opportunities to foster new ventures abroad.




Emerging Markets: Investing in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States


Technical Handbooks

Information Technology Security for Developing Countries

The Handbook is a practical guide to understanding and implementing IT security in a business or home environment.  The book summarizes a full range of security threats and explores management practices, regulatory environments, and cooperative efforts that exist among businesses, governments, and professional associations.



Case Studies

New Images for Athens: A Case Study

In preparation for hosting the 2004 Olympics, Greece embarked on an extensive renovation project, New Images for Athens, to beautify the city. In total, over 1,600 buildings received attention at a cost of over 4.5 million euros. After the Olympics, Athens had to evaluate the long-term gains from the NIA program. What value had been created and how could it be sustained for the permanent residents of the city?


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